1. Supply chain solutions
The professional and reliable supply chain management are able to provide a comprehensive solution, which helps the enterprise improve the operation efficiency, reduce the operating cost, and create outstanding achievement.
On the strength of international vision and management experience and ability of professional cross-border food supply chain, we can customize the efficient and practical integrated solutions according to the unique demands of customers, cooperate with the very precise supply chain process, and satisfy the customers' demand of global procurement of material, customs declaration and cold chain distribution.
We are committed to updating the latest supply chain solutions constantly, from information query to food procurement, we give consideration to customer demand for international supply chain management, shorten the purchasing time, reduce the purchase cost, and improve the operation efficiency. We firmly believe in the values of "excellence", "mutual trust", "win-win" and "innovation", and help customers achieve faster and better development through competitive cost management standards and always endeavoring to do still better.
Our main supply chain operation modes include purchase of material, clearance logistics, exchange rate accounting, fund settlement, the whole process supply chain solution for cross boundary material and informatization of supply chain finance.
2. Clearance and logistics service
Airfreight seafood / frozen products / fresh logistics
We cooperate with a number of well-known international airlines to launch air export, air import transport and charter business. The company has established a long-term friendly relation with China Airline, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and other airlines. At the same time, we rely on the global freight forwarding network to provide customers with one-stop services such as picking, packing, warehousing, customs declaring, booking, delivery, insurance and so on, in order to make sure that the customs’ goods can be delivered to all parts of the world quickly and accurately.
· The business scope of import air transport
According to the entrustment of the client, before shipment abroad, the waybill, flight, number, weight, name, actual consignee and other address, contact phone and other content will be sent to the destination agent by the foreign agency. We will also help clients review all kinds of lists and documents that are provided by clients, make all kinds of documents, and carry out the work of booking and declare customs. And we handle import declaration, tax, transshipment, delivery and other agency business at home.
· The operation process of import by airfreight
A. Receiving the order
Provide cargo information: name, number, weight, box size, port of destination; the name of destination consignee, address, telephone, delivery time; the name of the consignor, telephone, address, and make the consignment letter to the freight forwarder.
B. Delivery receipt/goods
When the air cargo is inbound, the documents related to the goods arrives immediately. The freight forwarder will declare to the customs according to the relevant information.
C. Tallying and warehouse
When the goods are sent to the relevant cargo freight station, the cargo agent will make main labels and side labels according to the waybill number of the airlines and attach them to the goods, in order to distinguish port of departure and destination of the shippers, freight forwarding, freight station, customs, airlines, commodity inspection, and the consignee.
D. Take delivery of goods
After customs declaration and inspection and other procedures are finished, the owner must pay the goods to the supervised warehouse by right of import bill of lading with customs release seal, animal and plant inspection seal and the health and quarantine inspection seal.
E. Charge
Before the delivery of the goods, the warehouses of forwarding company generally receive the cost. Including documents, customs fees; go down changes; Loading and unloading fee; airline to port warehousing fee; collect generation pay such as customs pre entry, animal and plant examination and health inspection; tariff and deposit; etc.
Seafood / freeze-cream service / fresh logistics
On the strength of the resource advantage of the company, through the overseas agent network throughout the world more than 30 countries and more than 100 port city, we provide the customers with purchasing, booking, customs clearance, transit, warehousing, freight insurance, various certificates, agent inspection / quarantine and other logistics service.
· The business scope of ocean Freight-Import
According to customer's entrustment, the ocean Freight-Import undertakes the whole course agent of FOB door to door and port to port, or deals with all business before and after the import of the goods. We help our clients make all kinds of documents; booking, declaring, warehousing, transferring, container LCL, freight settlement, customs clearance, inspection, insurance, and related inland transportation services and transportation consulting services.
· The operation process of ocean Freight-Import
The consignee prepares the import documents→exchange list→inspection→customs declaration→handling equipment handover→take delivery of suitcase→take delivery of goods
3. Financial solutions
In order to solve purchase of foreign exchange, tax, foreign exchange settlement, financing and other financial demand of China's cross-border food and beverage traders, we cooperate with both at home and abroad TOP30 strong banks and other financial institutions to provide customers with trust, tax treatment, trade settlement, PE/VC and other financial services. The target covers fresh and frozen pork, beef, mutton, seafood and other ingredients, which helps the vast cross-border food traders solve financial problems.
On the strength of our large data whole process supply chain management system from demand to supply and professional service ability, We provide a variety of financing services for the customers upstream and downstream of supply chain. And we provide marketing, rapid customs clearance, cold chain storage, domestic distribution and other one-stop supply chain supporting service according to the above financial business.
We firmly believe that that the service is an important capital to win the trust of customers. Therefore, we are still innovating continuously, seek to establish strategic cooperation with financial institutions, develop more and better supply chain financial products, activate the customer supply chain operation to a great extent, and achieve win-win on the supply chain.
4. Technical support
    We are committed to providing intelligent and integrated supply chain technical service support for the upstream and downstream enterprises of the global cross-border food material. We use the industry internet thinking to help customers turn into cloud service driven model based on large data from the past artificial driving operation mode. And based on the intelligent supply chain technology system, we achieve quick response of the market and the rapid cooperation of service.