Australian Wagyu

We could supply with Australian Wagyu with 450 days grain fed. Australia is internationally recognized as "safe area" for livestock. Australian Wagyu grow with good water quality and growth and high-quality environment, there is no antibiotics and hormone growth hormones are used in the feeding process, all kinds of cattle epidemic diseases are completely disappeared here.
Australian is leading in the beef production technology. A few factors that affect the tenderness of Wagyu: First, the age of the Wagyu, the younger the Wagyu, the more tender the meat. Second, the distribution of marble, the content of meat and gluten in different parts, will affect the tenderness of the meat. The emotions of Wagyu also play an important role in the softness and tenderness of the meat. The Wagyu that grow under a stressful environment, will get a darker color and hard texture in meat. Our Australian Wagyu is emotional stability and not prone to being frightened, so the texture is quite tender.
We accept orders of Australian Wagyu all the year round.