Exclusive interview with Cesar Zambrano, the head of Uruguay 365 beef factory.

At 9:00 on November 8th, 2018, Beijing time, Cesar Zambrano,the head of Uruguay 365 beef factory came to visit the Beijing office of Hezhong Overseas. It is the first conversation in China after the factory’s half  year’s operation, acquired by Hezhong overseas. During the conversation, the reporter asked Mr Cesar some questions about the beef market and the 365 factory.
R: Dear Mr Cesar, Wecolme to visit Hezhong Overseas,On behalf of Hezhong, I want to have a brief interview with you so that we could have a further known with each other.
You were invited to attend the China International Import Expo,What is about your impression of it?
Cesar: First, I hope to express my gratitude to Hezhong’s invitation, I visited the Hezhong’s offices of Shanghai and Beijing, I felt that I came to my own house, you are very kind and friendly. China International Import Expo is a important national level conference, and it is an important measure for China to open its trade to the world. It is China’s first conference on the theme of trade importing. China is making efforts to open up world trade. The conference gathered about 50,000 people, which is very important for China and the world. 

R:What is your opinion on the future development of the beef market after participating in the China International Import Expo?
Cesar:The Chinese beef demand has been growing and China's economy has continued to increase. The people's living standards are constantly improving and their demand is growing. Not only in clothing, food, housing, travel, etc. For example, the increase in consumption of food is not just beef. Future beef consumption may increase by about 50%. In future, the 365 factory will make alliance with other Uruguayan beef factories so that to have a further cooperation and transaction with Hozhong Overseas and Nuohe.

R: What advantages does Uruguayan beef have compared with Australia and other South American beef?
Cesar: First of all, the cattle feed is purely natural and not artificially synthesized. From the birth, breeding, selection, and slaughtering of cattle, there are a series of strict production lines and strict monitoring processes. This is the advantage that other countries do not have.

R: What is the advantage of your 365 factory commodity?

Cesar:The best product is the part on the back of the cow and is the most expensive product as well. It was rich in muscles and low in fat. The beef breast and shank are more popular among Chinese consumers.

R: What is the future development plan of the 365 factory?

Cesar:The factory now slaughters 4,000 cattle per month and it produces about 900 tons meat. In the future, we will continue to invest 2 million US dollars to increase the producing and processing capacity of the factory.

R: What’s your vision about our future cooperation?

Cesar:We will continue to deepen our cooperation with Hezhong and Nuohe, in addtion,we will invest and acquire more Uruguayan beef factories in the future to ensure more beef products could be supplied to the Chinese market.

R:Chinese Internet is developing rapidly. Will 365 factory consider promoting and trading products through the Internet?

Cesar:With the purpose of increasing sales in the Chinese market, we are now cooperating with Hezhong Overseas and Nuohe. In future, we will not only sell beaf in supermarkets, but also sell products through other online platforms and the professional platform built by Hezhong.

R: Thank you for taking the time to accept our interview and I hope you could have a pleasant trip in China!